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No Turbulence for ‘Turbulentie’ - Dopebwoy in Space

Sent into Space has pulled off yet another industry first - successfully mastering music in space. We collaborated with the Dutch rapper and producer, Dopebwoy, for this launch, sending a hard drive containing the unmastered tracks from the artist’s sixth album release, Turbulentie, into space.

Fans of the rapper were also witness to the full track list reveal, no doubt filled with a plethora of future hit singles. Whilst we have worked with several musicians over the years, we have never pulled off a launch quite like this before.

Screen depicting the process of mastering an album in space
Mastering an album in open space

Who is Dopebwoy?

Initially entering the music industry as a producer, Dopebwoy’s career as a big name in the Dutch rap world began with his debut album, Nieuw Goud. The album reached 36th place in the top 100 Dutch music charts, pretty impressive for a first release. He later went on to collaborate with the likes of Chivv and 3robi with the track Cartier, which remained in the top 10 for 12 weeks. Since then, he has worked with a multitude of artists such as D-Block Europe, SRNO, Yxng Bane, and MIST, amongst many other household names.

Dopebwoy wearing a grill, Cartier sunglasses and a fitted cap

Dopebwoy isn't clearly shy about thinking outside the box. In 2019, the rapper formed his own label ‘Forever Lit Records’, backed by Warner Record Benelux, to establish a more independent means of promoting his own music and sign and support emerging artists. For his newest release, the sky was clearly the limit.

Dopebwoy came to us wanting something unique to promote his new album. After some brainstorming and talks to the tech team, we finally stumbled upon our answer. Below is the video of Turbulentie being mastered in space, accompanied by the launch’s stunning journey through the skies reaching highs of almost 100,000 feet!

Fingers crossed for Dopebwoy’s newest release earning him yet another gold or platinum record to add to his growing collection.

Where to next?

With over 1000 space launches under our belt, we’re no strangers to exploring the final frontier. If you would like to send your product into space, or have glorious footage of the Milky Way as a unique backdrop to promote your services, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can put together something truly extraordinary for you.


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