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Sending a microphone to space for SEVENTEEN's MV 'God of Music'

We launched a microphone into space for K-pop band SEVENTEEN's new music video, '음악의 신' (God of Music). Working with Korean production company SL8, we completed the launch just weeks ahead of the music video's release.

Seventeen's microphone in space

SEVENTEEN are known for their bright and distinctive microphones, and it seems that SL8 had this in mind when they came to us with an idea for the band's newest video: they decided to take the video truly out-of-this-world by sending a microphone into space — for real.

SL8 sent us a disco-ball inspired microphone with a mirrored head and glittering handle, so we could send it into the stratosphere for a truly cosmic music video shot.

Designing SEVENTEEN's custom spacecraft

Our engineering team began designing a custom spacecraft to take the microphone into space. It was essential for us to attach the microphone to our craft in a way that made for an attractive shot while also being safe and secure.

Seventeens microphone before launch on launch site

For the mic to appear as if it were floating in space, it had to be positioned perfectly at the top of the shot, and couldn't move on the way into space — to do this, we used discreet carbon fibre rods to attach the microphone to our craft, which kept it both secure and perfectly positioned.

Our in-house team of engineers designed and built the craft in just three days, to get it ready in time to launch and retrieve the footage of the microphone's journey in time for the music video's release.

Launching SEVENTEEN's microphone into space

When launch day arrived, the spacecraft was attached to a high altitude balloon filled with lighter-than-air hydrogen gas, and launched from one of our specialist launch sites in Derbyshire, UK. The microphone ascended to over 113,000 feet before it began its ascent back to Earth. It was in the air for over 2 hours!

SEVENTEEN's spacecraft carrying microphone on the ascent into space

SEVENTEEN's MV for 'God of Music'

The microphone looks great in the music video, glittering in the bright sunlight of Near Space. You can see the before and after of our footage as we captured it vs how it looks in the music video below.

The music video went live on YouTube on the 23rd of October — you can see it below. It was great to be a part of this project, and we loved seeing our shot in SEVENTEEN's music video!

If you have any questions regarding our recovery record or environmental impact, you can read our environmental policy to find out more.

If you're interested in a space launch of your own, get in touch with our team to discuss your idea further.


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