• Dr Alex Baker

Drinks in Space

Why don’t astronauts drink while in space? Because the bars have no atmosphere!

Another April Fools’ Day has come and gone and we’re sure many people were caught out by a prank here or there. However, our favourite was Jameson’s announcement of their new Space-Aged whiskey.

While the product is, alas, a prank, the bottle really did make it to space, courtesy of our team in England. The weather on launch day was bitterly cold and wet, but no barrier to a textbook Near Space balloon launch which reached a fantastic 33km above the Earth’s surface before landing in a muddy, sheep-filled field.

A bottled liquid presents several challenges. Drinks bottles aren’t usually designed to withstand low pressure environments and the pressure difference is compounded by the fact that water expands on freezing. We don’t want a bottle to explode at high altitude and rain glass from the sky! What’s more, we have to be even more careful than usual when building our payload to minimise the risk of a hard landing.

Luckily for Jameson, we’ve had plenty of experience working with fragile feature items, including alcoholic beverages. In the past few years, we’ve launched a bottle of Demidoff vodka into space above the Grand Canyon, in celebration of a sucessful SpaceX rocket launch, as well as opening a bottle of champagne on a flight for Kazzit Wines!

Bottoms up! Kazzit is the world’s most comprehensive digital winery guide

All three companies have found our space launches to be a fantastic way of engaging their existing audience as well as sharing their brand with new potential customers, garnering hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days with our help. What’s more, we’re so confident in our ability to secure a perfect result that we promise to relaunch at no extra cost if the end product doesn’t meet our exacting standards.

A unique view of the Grand Canyon. It’s a mark of the purity and quality of Demidoff Vodka that much of the product is still liquid.

Whether you’re representing a drinks brand who want to see their product in space or are looking for a great value, eye-catching way to raise your company’s profile, get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help you or visit our website to check out some non-alcoholic work we’ve done.

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