• Dr Alex Baker

Bowie coin’s interstellar adventure earns award nominations for The Royal Mint

David Bowie, one of music’s greatest icons, will always be remembered for his stellar song writing and out of this world performances. In 2020, we were fortunate enough to partner with The Royal Mint to send a silver coin, featuring the image of Bowie, into space to honour the late musician’s inspiring legacy. Now the event has been nominated for two separate awards, and we are incredibly proud to have been such a huge part of this project.

The coin, decorated with Bowie’s likeness and iconic thunderbolt symbol, was made to be part of a Royal Mint series of expertly crafted coins celebrating music legends. The coin joined other music industry megastars such as Elton John and The Who, and was a fantastic tribute to Bowie’s career. As a world-leading company in coin exporting, The Royal Mint was a pleasure to work with, and we were more than happy to send one of their excellently designed coins, honouring such a one-of-a-kind musician, into the sky.

So how did we pull this stunt off? Using cutting-edge high-altitude balloon technology, we sent a payload featuring the coin into the stratosphere, over 30km above the surface of the Earth! To accompany the star’s journey, we attached a high definition 4k camera to the launch vehicle to record some amazing visuals for the project, which were subsequently used in marketing for the coin by the Royal Mint. When the payload hit the peak of its ascent, the balloon burst, sending the coin plummeting back down to Earth. A vehicle parachute was then released so it could be collected safely by our operatives upon landing.

For the project, we worked closely with PR firm Hope&Glory, who handled the distribution. It’s their brilliant work on the campaign that has been recognised in the nominations for not one but two industry-leading awards. The first nomination comes from PRWeek, a trade magazine for the public relations industry. As PRWeek is the world’s leading PR and communications publication, the nomination is a great honour. The coin campaign is nominated under the public sector category, and can be found on PRWeek’s awards website in the shortlist announcement page.

Adjacent to this achievement, the campaign has also been nominated for an award in the consumer relations campaign category of the PRide awards with CIPR - the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Founded in 1948, the CIPR is a professional body based in the United Kingdom for public relations practitioners. As an esteemed organisation with over 10,000 members, we are overjoyed to have been noticed by them.

In the past, Sent Into Space have been involved in several award nominated projects. The 360° music video shot by us from space for EDM artist Koven’s track: “Do You” was nominated for Best Interactive Video award at the Austin Music Video Awards in 2018. Also, in more recent news, our cinematography work for the short film: Pops has been shortlisted for screening at independent short film festival “Indy Shorts”. Indy Shorts is a qualifying festival for the Academy Awards, meaning our footage has the potential to be attached to an Oscar-winning film!

Working with the Royal Mint to send the image of such an incredible individual into the stratosphere was a treat, as is having our work recognised as part of an award nominated campaign. We wish the Royal Mint the best of luck, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the results.