EDM artist KOVEN are known for their signature pairing of wide, sweeping electronics with poignant and powerful vocals. When they came to release their new EP, Reality Reach, they needed visuals that lived up to the music.

Working with sponsor Jagermeister and KOVEN’s label Monstercat, we launched the EP held in the hands of Monstercat’s mascot, filming the flight with our unique 360° camera system. Our Lead Creative, Matt Lanning, then pulled the footage together, designing a brand-specific heads-up display system overlay to highlight key data about the launch environment and cutting together exciting moments from various stages of the flight into an immersive 360° music video for the single “Do You”, which was shortlisted for Best Interactive Video at Austin Music Video Awards 2018.

In addition to the music video for Do You, we produced an EP video with all the tracks. Matt created a 1080p video in 16:9 aspect ratio for viewing on smartphone, tablet and desktop, using digital pan/tilt/roll/zoom to create a dynamic, exciting full-length music video for fans to enjoy the entire EP.