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A Beer and Burger Space Launch | La Belle et La Boeuf

Home of the best burgers in Canada, La Belle et La Boeuf are renowned for their unique menu and high-quality ingredients — their premium burgers and extensive cocktail menu has earned them multiple Le Burger Week awards.

This year the burger chain decided to take their acclaim a step further, enlisting our help in sending a La Belle et La Boeuf burger into the stratosphere to reflect the restaurant's out-of-this-world quality. La Belle et La Boeuf decided to send their signature Captain Flam burger into space alongside a can of Coors Light, in partnership with the beer brand.

La Belle & La Boeuf burger and can of Coors Light in space

We were keen to take on the challenge from the moment La Belle et La Boeuf approached us. It was soon time to address the most important element of this project: how do we keep the burger on our spacecraft, intact, without compromising the iconic (and delicious) look of La Belle et La Boeuf's Captain Flam?

Keeping Captain Flam in one piece

Sent Into Space team member securing a La Belle et La Boeuf burger in place on a spacecraft before a space launch

First came the beer can, which, after some consideration, we secured to the craft using adhesive on the can's base and a concealed supporting rod around the back of the can. When it came to securing the burger, however, a few extra steps were needed — securing a single can of beer was light work compared to a burger made up of several separate parts, any of which could move at any point during the burger's journey to space and back.

The components of the burger were held together by a spike and a washer underneath the top bun, which was held in place with toothpicks. Then, to keep the burger attached to our craft, we added a discreet lip behind the burger to prevent horizontal movement, especially on the craft's descent. As an additional security measure, we also added some small spikes to the base of the platform to keep the burger in place.

Assured that our beer can and burger would be secure on their journey, we were ready to launch.

The launch

La Belle et La Boeuf burger and can or Coors Light on their way into space
La Belle et La Boeuf burger and can or Coors Light on their way into space

As the launch day approached, our team members travelled to Montreal, Canada, to prepare. On the day, we were joined at the launch site by teams from La Belle et La Boeuf and Coors, ready to send the Captain Flam burger and can of Coors Light on their journey through space.

We secured the beer and burger to the craft and away it went. Our craft ascended over Montreal, reaching altitudes higher than 100,000 feet — that's over 30 kilometres up!

We think our work paid off; the burger looks great floating in space and remained intact all the way back down to Earth. You can see footage of the burger's journey below, in the video posted to La Belle et La Boeuf's YouTube channel.

At Sent Into Space, we're always excited to take on a new challenge. If you're interested in a space launch of your own, please get in touch with our team to discuss your idea further.


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