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Baby Yoda in Space | We launched The Child from The Mandalorian into space

Watch Baby Yoda’s incredible journey into space, launched in collaboration with YouTube creator team MoreJStu:

JStu and his team got in touch with us a few months ago to see if we could fulfil a very unusual request. They are all big fans of Disney’s hit streaming show The Mandalorian, and with Season 2 dropping in November, they wanted to celebrate the return of everyone’s favourite 50-year-old toddler, The Child (popularly known as Baby Yoda by the fandom) to the screen by launching a model of him into space.

What is the Mandalorian?

Set in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian documents the relationship between a Mandalorian bounty hunter and The Child, a… well, we don’t know the name of his species, and he’s only referred to in the show as The Child, but the fandom has dubbed him Baby Yoda, because he’s a junior from the same species as Yoda, the mystical green Jedi from the films.

The Star Wars franchise is well-known for creating incredibly cute (and marketable) creatures which inevitably create a stir online and in stores, and The Child is the latest in a long line of characters to make the internet go wild. With The Mandalorian season 1 one of the most popular shows on Disney+ when the show was launched last year, we knew that Season 2 would be a big event, especially with streaming achieving ever greater prominence with other entertainment platforms being rather hindered by social distancing regulations.

Andrew from JStu crew reached out to us a while back to discuss a launch. Back in 2019, they had conducted their own amateur launch to send the Avengers into space, which went just a little bit awry. They were excited by the prospect of doing another launch and wanted expert support to get things right. As an aside, it’s not uncommon for people to reach out to us after attempting their own launch—if you’re considering sending something into space, save yourself a headache (and potential legal troubles) and come to the experts first!

Launching Baby Yoda into space

Baby Yoda from The Mandelorial in space

We set Andrew and Justin up as Mission Control for the launch, with their group conducting the countdown and tracking the craft as Baby Yoda travelled into space and back. Of course, they had to ensure The Child was fully equipped for a space flight. Check out their brilliant video putting Baby Yoda through space training:

Launching with Justin and Andrew was a treat. Sadly, the coronavirus situation made it impossible for us to launch with them in person, but in the future, we'd love to meet up for another launch. In the meantime, if you're a content creator looking to conduct your own space launch, get in touch and let us see how we can help.


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