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Astronaut Barbie toy in space with Canadian flag and Earth in the background




Champion women in STEM, inspire young girls and celebrate the 60th anniversary of Barbie.

Sent Into Space launch team member holding high-altitude weather balloon


STEM professions have had a huge gender imbalance for as long as women have been a part of the workforce. Since her creation, Barbie has championed female equality, with the Careers range showing that no profession should be off-limits to women.

For the 60th anniversary of Barbie and the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, Mattel Canada’s marketing team at T1 Agency asked us to launch Astronaut Barbie into space for real.

We launched from Toronto with special dispensation from the Canadian Aviation Authority, delivering a tailored version of our award-winning Classtronauts program to over 100 8–12 year-old girls attending a non-profit-run STEM Camp.

Astronaut Barbie holding Canadian flag


  • Over 1.5 million cross-platform views

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