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Launch your CV into space with Zoek

May the 4th is a significant date in the Sent Into Space calendar. Why? Well, it’s Star Wars Day, the unofficial fan day celebrating the Star Wars franchise because of the date’s similarity to the iconic phrase from the series, “may the force be with you”. This year, we’re working with the intelligent job-matching service Zoek to help job seekers put their CVs out there—by literally launching them into space!

About the Competition

may the fourth be with you cta as part of CV in space project

Zoek is the UK’s leading intelligent job-matching board, using artificial intelligence to take the hard work out of finding the right jobs to apply for. Their intelligent systems read your CV, discover your skills and interests and match you with positions that suit you, without any effort on your part. When it comes to applying, you can also add multiple jobs to a job cart and apply all at once, further cutting down the time.

With their cutting-edge techniques, Zoek are passionate about helping people find great jobs. With this competition, it’s no different. Three lucky winners will have their CV professionally rewritten, launched into space and shared nationwide with prospective employers on Star Wars Day. What’s more, they’ll also get up to £200 to put towards skills courses that will boost career prospects, and the first-place winner also receives a £200 Currys/PC World voucher.

Entering is simple: visit and apply for any of the positions marked “valid for space CV competition”, then check to allow your information to be entered into the competition. You have until the 9th of April to enter, and results will be shared on May the 4th nationwide.

Looking for a job in 2023

Let’s be honest: it’s not the best time to be looking for a new job. In spite of the UK government’s furlough scheme, tens of thousands of people have been made redundant due to the pandemic, largely under-25s in industries which have been hit hardest like hospitality, retail and entertainment. What’s more, many employers have been reluctant to advertise while lockdown measures have been mired in uncertainty.

However, things aren’t quite as bleak as they seem. In February, the government announced their provisional timelines for rolling back various restrictions on movement, gathering and working. What’s more, Chancellor Rishi Sunak committed to continuing the furlough scheme until September just this week, as well as maintaining the Universal Credit ‘top-up’ that supports jobseekers and the low-waged during these difficult times. As a result, we’re starting to see a steady increase in positions advertised as things open up, and this trend is expected to continue.

This means that, while things might seem a little bleak, things are already beginning to turn around. Whether you’ve found yourself out of work due to the pandemic, or are simply ready for a change, Zoek’s intelligent job matching system is a great way to find positions that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought to seek out. With the employment market changing and work shifting towards digital, remote positions, your job search should be similarly forward-facing. Find out more, enter the competition and learn how AI can help your job search at


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