When someone says “online video”, there’s only one name that springs to mind. Without YouTube, our first launch would never have gone viral. Pretty much every flight we’ve ever done has been uploaded to YouTube, by us or our clients. So when they asked us to drop the sneak-peek look at their new YouTube Originals show, Origin, starring Tom Felton, we knew we had to go big. 

We heavily modified the power supply and screen of a Google Pixelbook to display the video at peak altitude. All modifications were incorporated into the body of the tablet and the supporting frame of the launch vehicle to maintain the pristine presentation of the screen. A 360° camera was used to give the user unique views of the launch situation and highlight YouTube’s upgraded support for 360° videos. We incorporated subtle Easter Eggs into the footage, including a signpost to the planet Thea which features in the series. Finally, the entire launch process was documented by our team and edited into a minidocumentary going behind the scenes on the project and showing the work which went into it.

When we sent over the first edit of the video, YouTube Creative Lead for Origin Ben Cochran had this to say: “I’ve been waiting for an email like this my whole life. The closest I’ll ever get to space!”