Scientific space research and development in the stratosphere

Test your equipment in the harshest of environments. We put your products to the test to see if they can withstand the low pressures and freezing cold temperatures of space.


Here at Sent Into Space, we have a passion for space research and the development of scientific understanding. The company was founded by two doctors of engineering and our affiliated team consists of numerous professors and PhDs with a wide range of disciplines from Nanoparticle manipulation to Astro-Biology.


Our team of experts are ready to help deliver a platform for high altitude research, whether for testing equipment to its limits, capturing data and stratospheric samples, or even as a test platform for satellite components using one of our space capable weather balloons.


Simulating the environmental conditions found at Low Earth Orbit in a laboratory is costly and time-consuming. Our Near Space flights offer unparalleled access to a relevant environment for CubeSats and other smallsats, as well as avionics and novel aerospace materials from Technology Readiness Levels 3 through 7. Rapid turnaround times and low launch costs allow for increased flexibility to take advantage of novel applications or properties discovered throughout the development cycle.


Our high altitude balloon research platform pushes the forefront of current understanding of the stratosphere. Our scientists are qualified to conduct a range of lab-based tests including SEM, spectroscopy and statistical modelling. We work with research organisations and enterprises across the globe and have helped a number of organisations publish fundamental research. We operate in the following spaces: Low Earth Observation for agricultural monitoring, particulate sample capture for geology and microbiology, solar activity and aeronomics, climate monitoring and climate change research.



Our stratospheric weather balloon platform is fully customisable to conduct your near space research and development activities. Our in-house engineers are able to design, develop and manufacture almost anything you might need for stratospheric testing or high altitude applications. Working closely with our extended contacts, we produce electronics or structural components that can help develop your research needs, including sensor arrays, remote-operated mechanisms and onboard software to deliver accurate, rapid, reliable results.


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