Our team will come to your school and give an engaging interactive presentation about the science behind high

altitude ballooning.​​

For smaller groups we can offer an interactive demonstration of the equipment and software we use to conduct our flights.

Our visit culminates in an unforgettable near space launch right from your school grounds.



As the balloon soars through the air, we use sophisticated weather modelling software and real-time positional data to predict the landing site and race to retrieve the payload.

Meanwhile, you can follow the journey on our online payload tracker!

Once it's landed, we'll recover the feature item and the footage will be sent back to the school.


In advance of the launch day, we can send you the payload to construct with your class and design an experiment to put on your flight. Our onboard Black Box data recorder provides you with a wealth of sensor data to analyse and study in the weeks afer your launch.


The Classtronauts package suits a wide range of ages and abilities and our visit will be tailored to match.

Whether you're looking for a launch as part of the wider project, seeking to raise the school's public profile or just want an amazing picture of the school logo floating against the backdrop of the Earth from space, we can get you the result you're looking for.


"What could be more inspiring than 200 kids launching their carefully crafted modules and scientific experiments to the edge of space?

Jason Bradbury

TV Presenter

Channel 5's The Gadget Show

A few of the schools, colleges and universities we have worked with...

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