• Dr Alex Baker

Putting the world's lightest full-frame camera into space

As space photographers, we’ve always got an eye on the latest developments in the photography world. When we heard about the release of the world’s lightest and smallest full frame camera by SIGMA, our ears perked up. On our flights, every gram matters, so a full-frame camera capable of filming 4K UHD Raw with a bodyweight of just 422g presented an incredible opportunity to up our camera game.

Then, as we were discussing the possibilities offered by this wonderful bit of tech, SIGMA reached out to us asking if we could send the SIGMA fp into space! We couldn’t have asked for better timing. To find out what happened next, check out our behind-the-scenes video where we launched two of these magnificent cameras to capture stills and video of the Earth from the edge of space:

Ice crystals aside, we couldn’t be happier with the results. With minor modifications to the camera’s thermal regulation system, we were able to fill the data card and capture some of the most beautiful photos of a sunrise in space we’ve ever seen. Needless to say, we’re definitely looking forward to using the Sigma fp on future launches.

Camera technology is always improving, so if you’re a camera manufacturer looking to prove your latest model can compete with the best, get in touch with us today and let’s talk about getting it into space!