• Dr Alex Baker

Where does space start? A guide to the atmosphere

To understand where space is, you have to understand our atmosphere. The blanket of gas that surrounds our planet is what separates us from the empty space between astral bodies, but it isn't as simple as a uniform layer of gas. In fact, the atmosphere is made up of several different layers which behave in very different ways. In our latest educational video, we break down the layers of the atmosphere and how they pertain to the different boundary points that mark the edge of Near Space and Outer Space respectively.

If you're a regular reader of our news posts, then firstly, hi! Secondly, you might be familiar with our previous article about where space begins. This article is a great companion to the latest video, explaining the physics behind different characteristics of space including the black vacuum above, the curvature of the Earth, weightlessness and a lack of breathable atmosphere.