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Running Channel x Brooks in space

Perhaps there's no better accompaniment to the green rolling hills of Yorkshire than a pair of decent running shoes, or for that matter, pretty much all walkable surfaces. Last month, we launched a pair of Brooks running shoes from our site in Sheffield in association with The Running Channel​.

Brooks running shoe in space

The Running Channel is your go-to site for all things running - advice videos, running-related gadgets and gizmos, training plans, as well as high-quality clothing made from breathable, comfortable fabrics. To sum it up, The Running Channel is a home for runners the world over.

When their team came to us with the view to send something into space, we quickly landed on a promising launch concept. After all, a good pair of running shoes is imperative for a multitude of reasons. Good running shoes will provide comfort, cushioning the midsole area of the foot to lessen the impact with the ground, help physical health, prevent injury, and, this was a new term for us, ‘improve running economy - essentially, be effective in light of the aerobic demands of running.

As per, the launch went ahead faultlessly. Another successful trip to the stratosphere! If you’d like to send something on a trip to the stars on a back don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Sent into Space today. We’ll help you put your best foot forward. You can email us, or call us directly at 0114 213 1050.


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