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Pushing the limits of the AlpinerX Space Edition sports watch

Alpina’s watches are designed for adventure. Since 1883 they’ve been expanding the boundaries of timekeeping technology. Their watches have long been favoured by sportsmen, engineers, technicians and adventurers for their four principles of reliability: antimagnetic, antishock, water-resistant and stainless steel.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing this summer, Alpina released the AlpinerX Space Edition, with a beautiful matte blue and black colour scheme accented with silver highlights inspired by the deep infinite blue-black of space. In addition, the case-back is engraved with a unique variation on Alpina’s iconic logo inspired by the Matterhorn, featuring the lunar face at the centre of the triangle.

alpiner x space edition back

The AlpinerX is more than equipped to meet the demands of the modern explorer, including a metre-accurate altimeter, compass, barometer UV indicator and thermometer, as well as lifestyle features like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking, all accessed through a dedicated companion app. But can it survive the harsh environment of space?

To find out, we launched it to an altitude of 33,793 metres above sea level, nearly four times the height of Mount Everest. In the region known as Near Space, the watch was exposed to temperatures below -60°C and pressures less than 0.2% of that experienced at the Earth’s surface. Over three hours, it travelled through the troposphere and the stratosphere, capturing breathtaking views of our planet from the edge of space.

All the while, the watch stayed powered and connected to the companion app, even showing the correct altitude on the digital screen on the bezel well above the theoretical maximum operating altitude. Truly, this is a watch you can rely on.

Accurate timekeeping has been essential to our ability to navigate and explore throughout history and will only become more important as humanity ventures into the stars, where even distance is measured in units of light-time. The watch which made this historic journey is now appropriately presented in the Alpina Museum in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland, which is home to many other historically significant timepieces.

Our Research and Development division know all about ruggedization and environmental testing. To put your products through their paces, get in touch with us today.

alpinerx space edition front face


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