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Nous sommes multilingues!

Sent Into Space, now available in French

Working with companies across the world, we benefit quite a bit from the status of the English language on the global stage. Even on our most remote launches, it’s rare to encounter people who don’t speak at least a little of our native tongue. However, just because fortune allows us to sit back and conduct business in our own language, that doesn’t mean it’s the best practice as a company. Our diversity as a species makes us stronger and culturally richer the more we embrace it, above and beyond the obvious benefits for an organisation looking to connect to with a wide audience.

As of this week, you’ll notice a dropdown menu on our site allowing you to switch languages. We’ve started with French in recognition of our closest neighbours, and hope to add Spanish in the next few months as well. To celebrate our newly bilingual site, we partnered with Touche pas à mon poste!, one of France’s leading talk shows. We launched a figurine of their host Cyril Hanouna into space holding a sausage, which we’re reliably informed is a very clever reference if you're familiar with his work.

We’ve launched many flights in Europe over the years. You might recognise the mojito we launched for exclusive beach bar and club Pampa Plage:

Or the boardgame When I Dream launched from the centre of Belgium for Repos Productions:

Or even our launch from Bardenas Reales, Spain for Xbox Europe:

It’s safe to say, we at Sent Into Space are very proud to work with our cousins across the Channel.

There’s no avoiding the fact that today is the day the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. While the exact consequences for international operations aren’t fully clear and may not be for many years yet, the symbolic significance of our departure is saddening. Our membership of the European Space Agency has helped Britain establish itself as home of some leading innovators in satellite and aerospace technologies, and much of the industrial and scientific research conducted in this country would not be possible without funding from European grants. Today, in many ways, we are taking a step backwards for the UK space industry.

Here are two pictures – one taken in England looking out over France, another taken in Belgium looking back at


While politics on the ground may make the differences between us feel huge, the distance between us is inconsequential from the vantage point of space. For humanity to truly become a multiplanetary species, we hope our future is characterised not by greater division, but by more friendship, more cooperation, and more unions.

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