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Au Vodka Cosmic Berries Goes to Space With Charlie Sloth

Welsh spirits brand Au Vodka has launched a new space-themed flavour, Cosmic Berries. They decided there was only one way to properly celebrate the product's launch: by launching one of the golden bottles into space.

Au Vodka Cosmic Berries bottle in space

Au Vodka is known for its range of brightly-coloured flavoured vodkas, sold in the brand's iconic gold bottles. Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn, the brand has since been named the fastest growing company in the UK, and boasts a selection of flavoured vodkas, glassware, pre-mixed drinks, and merchandise. MC and former Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth has since joined as part-owner of the brand.

Alongside their Original vodka, there are eight existing flavours of Au Vodka: Black Grape, Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Green Watermelon, Red Cherry, Pineapple Crush, Bubblegum, and Pink Lemonade. Enter the ninth and newest flavour...

Au Vodka: Cosmic Berries

Deep blue with shimmering glitter particles, the vodka certainly looks cosmic — and tastes just as good. With the flavour launching on the 29th of September, Au decided to take the berry-flavoured vodka to new heights — out of this world (which, according to Charlie Sloth, is exactly where Au belongs).

When Au Vodka came to us to send a bottle of Cosmic Berries into space, we were keen to be a part of the project — our first thought was of how good their unmistakable golden bottle would look up above the clouds.

Designing Au Vodka's Spacecraft

Charlie Sloth at Sent Into Space HQ looking at Au Vodka Cosmic Berries spacecraft.

In the weeks leading up to the launch, our engineers designed and built a custom rig to keep the bottle secure on its journey to space. When launch day arrived, Charlie Sloth and the Au Vodka team joined us at Sent Into Space HQ to mark the occasion.

Sending an Au Vodka Cosmic Berries Bottle Into Space

Charlie Sloth at Sent Into Space launch site wearing latex gloves

We launched from our specialist site in Sheffield, South Yorkshire — all of our launches at Sent Into Space are completed using high-altitude latex balloons filled with lighter-than-air hydrogen gas. We prepared the craft, filled the balloon — and off it went.

Charlie Sloth waving to a bottle of Au Vodka Cosmic Berries  on its ascent into space

The bottle of Au Vodka ascended into space, reaching altitudes of over 111,000 feet, where it hovered in Near Space before making its descent back to Earth. From launch to landing, it was in the air for almost 3 hours, before finally coming to land in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Au Vodka Cosmic Berries bottle in space

We captured the vodka bottle's trip to space with two 4K camera systems, which gave us some great footage of the bottle being waved off by Charlie Sloth himself, before ascending hundreds of thousands of feet, where it shimmered in the unimpeded sunlight.


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