Launch site selection and preparation


100% recovery rate and full Public Liability Insurance


Launch permissions secured from Civil Aviation Authority


Safety-led design and risk mitigation

Once our launch vehicles are released on their journey, their path is set in place and there’s little we can do to change it. The difference between a great result and a lost craft all comes down to our planning and preparation.​

Need a result quickly? Our unique relationship with the Civil Aviation Authority means we can launch from over 15 sites across the UK with less than a week’s notice and secure clearance to launch from a new site in under a month. We maintain a stock of all consumables, manufacturing materials and equipment required to conduct multiple launches each week, so we’re ready to launch whenever the call comes in.

Space balloon launch

In the weeks preceding our launch, we collect huge volumes of weather data from meteorological organisations across the globe. Our state-of-the-art climate modelling software utilises cloud computing and decentralised processing to create a highly detailed weather model to predict future airflow patterns. By precisely controlling the ascent rate, burst altitude and descent rate of our flight, we can manipulate those air currents to create an optimal flight path for conditions on the day.

Once the flight is in the air, we use multiple fully independent tracking systems with different transmission methods to ensure our recovery team maintain communication with the payload at all times. We use the location data fed back by the onboard computer to update and optimise our simulations in real-time while the team race to the projected landing site.

Risk mitigation is built into our processes from the ground up. We work with the Civil Aviation Authority to plan flights around congested airspace and can modify our launch setup on-site in response to evolving launch conditions, to ensure a remote landing site far from urban development or potential hazards. All our launch vehicles are designed to minimise potential damage in the unlikely event of an unplanned collision on landing. Our dedication to safety and unmatched success rate are reflected in the fact that we’re still the only company in the world with full public liability insurance for commercial high altitude balloon flight.

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