Worldwide launch capabilities


Stunning imagery of the planet's most distinctive landmarks and landscapes


Full insurance for global launch operations

Instantly recognisable landmarks or the impact of a unique landscape can elevate a marketing campaign from good to great. While you can’t see borders from space, every country can present its own challenges to conducting a high altitude balloon launch. Luckily, we’ve got a wealth of experience on our side to shoot the Earth from whatever angle you need.


Regulation and availability of equipment and consumables can vary dramatically from place to place. We’ve launched in hundreds of countries and we have working relationships with the US Federal Aviation Authority and the equivalent bodies in most European countries, as well as contacts across six continents to facilitate launching anywhere you can set foot. Meanwhile, contracts with global gas and engineering suppliers mean we’re fully equipped in even the most isolated corners of our planet.

For some of our clients, launching from their facilities or from their local area is an important part of their narrative. Combining this with a live event is a great way to engage with a regional audience. For example, shoe lifestyle brand Crep Protect got their hands on a pair of Yeezys, the shoe designed by Kanye West, several weeks before their public release. With LA a hotspot of sneakerhead culture, we launched the pair into space over the city, working with Crep Protect’s brand ambassador, BMXer Ryan Taylor, to broadcast their location live to tens of thousands of eager fans. The final landing site was released and the first lucky follower onsite got to keep the sneaks.

Aside from airspace regulations, the climate of various launch locations can also have an impact on our processes. We’ve launched in subzero conditions and sweltering highs, arid deserts and tropical wet seasons, and have developed robust protocols to optimise launch equipment for the different environmental conditions across the full range of altitudes our flights traverse. Likewise, different geographies present unique recovery challenges. From quad bikes in Iceland to speed boats off the Cayman Islands to helicopters across Grand Canyon National Park, we’ll take any measures necessary to protect our recovery record.