Launching weather balloons into space isn’t the only way to get a unique view from high above the Earth. Our team are equipped with a fleet of specialist drone equipment for accessing altitudes a little closer to home.

When a client wants to tell the story of their space launch in video, drone footage is the only way to capture the scale and excitement of the launch process, bridging the gap between handheld cameras from the ground team and onboard footage from the launch vehicle.  

Drone over water with snowy ground.jpg

Aside from capturing the initial moments of a launch vehicle released on its journey to space, our drone services often play a key role in creating full ad campaigns for our clients. For Bamford Watches, we used drones to recreate the view from an aircraft, create the effect of a watch case making a controlled descent to the Earth, capture dynamic imagery of a high speed car chase and create the ‘hero shot’ of their logo depicted on the ground on a massive scale using practical effects.

Drones aren’t just useful for filming, either. Our fleet includes drones capable of carrying heavy payloads up to several kilograms, for high altitude environmental sampling, terminal velocity impact testing and flying a range of cinema-quality cameras so we never have to compromise on image quality. 

Of course, our pilots are fully trained with CAA-approved accreditations and all our drone work is fully insured for protection and peace of mind. Get in touch today to discuss how our drone team can help with your project.