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In 2016, Doritos partnered with DC to promote the release of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in cinemas. Across the globe, fans were invited to ‘choose their side’ by buying competing flavours. We were contacted by an agency representing Doritos Brazil to help us promote the competition and its associated flavours. Doritos Brazil uses the hashtag #paraosfortes, in line with their brand messaging that the extreme flavours Doritos offer are ‘for the strong’, and they often use extreme sports and stunts to connect the brand to models of toughness and masculinity, so a space launch was an ideal tie-in.

We were tasked with launching both flavours into space and presenting them floating above the Earth, reflecting to the otherworldly nature of these two heroes and the extreme harsh environment that matched the tone of the film. We worked with the agency to develop a storyboard for the flight incorporating the themes of the film and Doritos Brazil’s brand identity.

The project was conducted under extremely tight time-frames, just under two weeks from sign-off to delivery. Due to the restrictive schedule, the Doritos did not arrive until the morning of our scheduled launch day, meaning we had to construct a bespoke craft and mounting system in under an hour before the launch took place.

We released the balloon from our dedicated launch site in Sheffield where it flew to an altitude of 25km over the Earth, documenting the launch process for the Brazilian marketing team and delivering all the footage within just 24 hours of receiving the crisps.

The resulting video incorporates unimpeded footage taken from our archive along with the imagery captured in-flight according to the creative outline we developed with the client. We also shot behind-the-scenes imagery to use in the final video, using handheld cameras and long shots using zoom to create a fast-paced and exciting feeling to the launch process which matched the client’s mood board for the ad. Combined with stock imagery of rocket launches, mission control rooms and cheering crowds, the video was a huge success securing over 2.2 million views on Doritos Brazil’s YouTube channel alone.

Achieving results like this on a small budget and tight timeframe is a point of pride. This was our 96th launch as a company, conducted when we were a team of just 5. Since this project, we’ve upgraded our facilities, expanded our team and recently celebrated our 600th launch. We can now launch to greater heights, carry several tons of weight and achieve technical feats that were impossible just a few years ago, including 8K filming in space and livestreaming from space.